When experience counts . . .

You can count on Colleen Conklin

Fighting for Flagler’s Children for the last 20 years

Re-Elect Colleen Conklin to the Flagler County School Board, District 3

“The Children’s Candidate”

Why VOTE for Colleen Conklin?

Colleen has been honored and privileged to serve our community on the Flagler County School Board. We know public education is in the midst of transformational change; she has the experience and passion for keeping students front and center during these challenging times.

Her platform has never changed. While managing growth, navigating legislative changes, and dealing with budget cuts is essential, we must NEVER lose sight of the academic, social, emotional, and physical growth of our children. We need to continue to look at programs, policies, and curricula that address the whole child.

Colleen believes in the purpose of public education and the need to provide opportunities for all children. Public education is and should be the great equalizer, the thread that weaves us all together as a great nation. Colleen has a keen understanding of what it takes to be in the classroom. She has spent time in the trenches teaching at the elementary and college level.

She has held executive leadership positions in the business and non-profit world, provided financial oversight to over $20 million dollars and lead programs impacting over 35,000 secondary students nationwide and hundreds of educators to date. This combination has provided her with a wide range of perspectives and strong leadership opportunities. She is humble enough to admit when wrong and strong enough to stand up against the tide when she feels our students, teachers, and families are under attack. She takes her role as a School Board member seriously and works hard to provide a passionate voice for those who struggle to speak for themselves or those who are often ignored.

To be an effective school board, she recognizes the value of working together, collaborating, sharing, and respecting each other’s talents and opinions. Colleen believes we have a clear vision for Flagler County Schools and desires to be the best of the best. As an active part of the Flagler County community, she’s had the pleasure of working with numerous entities and organizations dedicated to providing the best opportunities for our students. Colleen believes in being fiscally transparent and accountable to the citizens of Flagler County and will continue to strive to make herself available at all times. More than anything else, Colleen will continue to be a passionate advocate for all of our students!

Promises Made, Promises Kept

HISTORIC GAINS for Flagler County Students - An "A" Rated District

HISTORIC Increases in Graduation Rates for ALL Students (14-15 to 18-19)

  • ALL students increased graduation rates from 78% to *92% (*19-20 Projected)
    • African American increased from 63% to 85%
    • Hispanic from increased from 79% to 90%
    • Two or More Races increased from 81% to 83%
    • Asian increased from 91% to 97%
    • White increased from 80% to 89%
    • English Language Learners increased from 78% to 89%
    • Economically Disadvantaged Students increased from 75% to 85%
    • At-Risk Students increased from 52% to 70%

HISTORIC Increases in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) (14-15 to 18-19) 

  • Standard Diploma Graduation Rates for Students With Disabilities (SWD) from 57% to 92%%
  • Federal Graduation Rates for SWD increased from 50% to 79%
  • Federal Drop Out Rate (14-15 to 18-19)
    • Students With Disabilities decreased from 24% to 7%
    • Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled Students decreased from 67% to 25%
    • Specific Learning Disabled Students decreased from 19% to 9%
  • Post High School Success for Students with Disabilities (14-15 to 17-18)
    • Enrolled in Higher Education increased from 19% to 22%
    • Enrolled in Higher Education or Competitively Employed increased from 36% to 54%
    • Engaged in any Employment or Continuing Education increased from 49% to 64%

HISTORIC Increases in Acceleration Opportunities for ALL Students

  • Increased dual enrollment opportunities through Daytona State College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of North Florida, FTI and the University of Florida
  • Increased students receiving an Associates of Arts degree from 37 students to 96 students
  • 205% increase in dual enrolled students
  • 62% increase in students taking Advanced Placement Courses
  • 51% Increase in Advanced Placement Exams
  • 20 different career Flaglership programs offered throughout Flagler Schools
  • 3,700 students participating in one of our 26 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs
  • 1,722 Industry & Technical Credentials earned in 18-19